Patient Care Clinic

Patient Care Clinic

Every patient attending intensive outpatient program will have access to our medical program. This means that you will have:

      • Access to medical care
      • Psychiatric care
      • Medication assessment
      • Prescription refill
      • Medical detox
      • Dual Diagnosis treatment

We offer this so if you have any issues that come up, you will have immediate assistance. And the help starts as soon as you walk in the door.

Our Medical ProcessYour first visit with us will include an evaluation done by our medical staff. What is a medical evaluation? A medical evaluation includes both a psychiatric assessment and medical assessment, meaning, the doctors and psychiatrists will identify any physical and/or mental ailments due to substance abuse. Why do we do this?

Why a Medical Evaluation?We do a medical evaluation because we need to identify what you are struggling with. Once we identify those issues we can then begin the right course of treatment. Our outpatient program needs to address YOUR needs, whatever those may be. This medical assessment will help us do that.

Every patient has a unique history. In order to ensure safety and quality treatment our highly trained and qualified medical staff will continue to monitor your mental and physical health. When they do this they can continue tailoring and adjusting your program specifically for what you need.

It is common for patients to have a unique mental and physical history. In fact it is common for many patients to suffer from co-occurring disorders.

What are co-occurring disorders?Co-occurring disorders are more than just substance abuse. They are when a patient suffers from both addiction and a psychological disorder. This is also known as dual diagnosis, and our intensive outpatient program, will treat that too. If you are dual diagnosis we will address any disorder you may be struggling with and we will prescribe the proper medication to help you get well.

So what if you do get a prescription?Our program offers a medical clinic that will get medication to you immediately in most cases before you leave from services or it could be delivered too you at your home. This isn’t a walk-in clinic and is for our patients only.

We are here to helpAs a patient in our intensive outpatient program you will have a staff ready to help you with every step of your drug and alcohol detox and recovery process. If you need help during groups or want to schedule an appointment, you can do both if that is what you need. The program staff is equipped with knowledge, experience, and education to ensure that you are getting the most of your treatment. Everything in our medical clinic is designed to help you get healthy both mentally and physically.

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