The Admissions Process

Every patient entering our care undergoes several interviews, assessments and examinations so we can have a greater understanding of their specific challenges and needs: 

  • Clinical interview: We start by asking patients about their background, their family and any symptoms they may be experiencing. We also ask them about their ethnicity, religious beliefs and sexual orientation. While most of this information is present in a patient’s medical records, hearing it from their mouths – and with their perspective – helps us draft an appropriate treatment plan which will address all their needs. 


  • Assessments: Getting an idea of a patient’s intellectual and mental strengths and weaknesses also helps us develop a treatment plan. Observing a patient’s behaviors also lets us know if they have any harmful habits which need changing. Finally, a personality assessment is an excellent window into a patient’s worldview and mental state, helping us make their stay with us as safe as possible. 


  • Medical checkup: Every patient receives a complete, thorough medical and psychological evaluation before treatment starts. We’ll record the patient’s complete medical history – something we’re glad to receive help with from the patient’s primary caregiver or referent – and history of psychological disorders. Finding out if any mental or physical ailments run in the patient’s family is another way of making treatment effective and safe. Also, every patient receives a tuberculosis test. 


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